Our Certificates

ISO 9001:2000

      Maykim Gumbase is now recertified to the new ISO 9001:2000 standard. Our Quality System includes greater emphasis on Quality System management, and expanded programs for continuous organizational improvement and monitoring customer satisfaction. Not only are we concerned with product quality, accuracy, and dependability, we are also concerned that our products meet customer needs with a high degree of satisfaction.


      Building on decades of activities by our predecessor associations in Europe and North America the International Chewing Gum Association (ICGA) has become the leading voice of the chewing gum industry. Since its establishment in 2005, ICGA continues to gain recognition and credibility among decision-makers across the globe.

      Maykim Gumbase Company has been a member of ICGA since 2007. Being the only Turkish company of the association, Maykim joins ICGA's annually meetings regularly.

Our Mission and Vission

What is Gum Base?

     Gum base is the only ingredient giving “chewing” feature to both chewing and bubble gum.  It generally comprises elastomers, resins, fats and oils, and inorganic fillers. Binding all these materials together, gum base can be referred as the main ingredient in order to produce gum. Also, texture, mastication and ability to blow bubbles of either chewing or bubble gums are dependent on gum base.