About Us

Story of Maykim.


      Maykim Gumbase Company was established in 2001. Although it is a new company, the legendary name of chewing gum industry Mr. Y. Pepo Pasarel’s 50 years gum and gumbase experience met and cooperated with us..

      We serve in our new modern factory which is located in Tekirdag-Corlu. Factory is based on 10.000m2 field and the building is 5.000m2. We have the capacity to produce 10.000 tons of gumbase per year. Maintaining its place of being domestic market leader, the company focuses primarily on exporting its products to the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.

We have started to work on ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP standards and we are integrated our production into these systems. We serve with the certificated world quality.

Our Mission and Vission


Why Maykim?

- Extensive knowledge over 50 years,

- Commitment to nature with our raw materials, research and products and respect to the lives of animals

- Taking care of high quality and continuity on the businesses of our partners no matter they are either big or small companies,

- Technical support and consultancy in all areas of chewing gum,

- Under any circumstances, we are pleased to help you.